My audio production work has been featured on BBC television, commercially available on DVD, on radio and
    published in audiobook form. I produced and hosted an hour long entertainment podcast that averaged over
    20,000 downloads a month for over a year. Theater and music are both strong passions, and I have done
    sound design for many off-Broadway theater productions (I can help with video for your acting audition for
    online submissions), and spent many a night live mixing jazz, rock and gospel music in various New York City
    venues. I have also years in the world of print advertising and design.

    As video camera technology moves practically at the speed of light, it is now possible to produce professional
    looking video quickly, and more inexpensively than ever, but poor sound will always impair the results, possibly
    being responsible for your target audience to tune you out before your presentation even finishes. I have an
    acoustically tuned studio available for filming (and voiceover work).

    I capture video, with broadcast quality sound and add graphic design when necessary, while maintaining an
    understanding of communicating messages in today's short attention span environment. I can help you get
    your message through to your target audience.

    If you need help with initial conception of your piece, or a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, even a
    simple well lit, great sounding unedited piece (as in those acting audition videos),  I will organize a workflow to
    shoot, edit and produce the finished video in a quick and affordable manner, while helping you to look and
    sound your best!

    - Nate Cimmino